Enjoy Generous Hospitality at our Resort.

Our mission is enriching people’s lives with pleasant vacation moments and memories. Lots of extended services, amenities and special offers are our backup in fulfilling the dream of a perfect holiday for every guest.We are a home for your unforgettable times.Feel the sense of stillness and space, the vastness and the majesty of nature.

Culinary Delight


Each dish is crafted from the finest meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables sourced from the communities bordering communities. Please advise us of any special requirements in advance so we can prepare to accommodate these requests.

Kambi Mstuni Resort

Endless Ways To Spend Your Time

 Consider Kambi Mstuni Resort  your private holiday spot or better yet, your home away from home. Enjoy our outdoor pool,Horse ridding, cultural Centre, Boat ridding and other unlimited experiences. Kambi Mstuni Resort  is where you can invite a friend or meet new friends from around the world.

Kambi Mstuni Resort

For your comfort

When you visit Kambi Mstuni Resort,our goal is to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.Enjoy our spacious rooms and feel at Home.

Kambi Mstuni Resort

Let Adventure Unravel Effortlessly

Expect magic at Kambi Mstuni Resort. Be left breathless, not just by its luxury but by the unrivaled encounters you’ll make, natural wonders you’ll witness and paths you’ll tread, too. With our enriching experiences, excitement permeates every second.

Understand your culture.

At Kambi Mstuni Resort through our utamaduni experts we take our guest through different tribes cultural activities.Come we Enlighten and entertain you.Create memories you’ll cherish forever